Before we jump into the 


We thought we might


you something about ourselves.


We design and develop great software. For you. At a good price.

By “design” we mean research, ideate, workflow, wireframe, create hi-fi mockups, prototype, and spec out the entire project in epics and stories.

By “develop” we mean hand over the project to our front- and back-end teams, or work closely with your own development teams to ensure a seamless effort.

Our prices are good because we are a distributed team. We have offices in Seattle and Saigon. We understand time zones, late night stand-up calls, strange hours, and we use most of the common tools for designing, communicating, and collaborating. There’s a list at the bottom of this page, somewhere.

Most of our clients are global; some are Fortune 500 and others are small start-ups. We have done everything from web-sites to CRMS systems to security applications to e-learning. There’s a list a bit further down this page.

We are a bit unique in that we are not just a bunch of digital natives. We worked in design and in brand management with companies like Chanel, Disney, and Patagonia.

Contact us now to find out what we can do for you. Or scroll down to see some of our Show & Tell.